Custom Autobioluminescent Services

Autobioluminescent cell line development. Custom ready-to-use, continuously active reporter assay kits. Contract metabolic activity/toxicity screening.

490 BioTech is ready to design the exact solution to your problem.

Custom Autobioluminescent Solutions To Support Your Work

We are proud to serve as the industry’s premier provider of continuous, real-time, bioluminescent solutions.

Whether you need to track transcriptional activation continuously, want a stable, continuously bioluminescent version of a specific cell line, or need a reliable partner to perform real-time metabolic activity/toxicity dynamics assays, 490 BioTech is ready to serve you.

We can make your cells glow, so you can let your research shine.

Contact us today to learn how real-time bioluminescent monitoring can provide you with the pre-clinical development data you need to make more informed candidate selection decisions. Our approach provides an inexpensive alternative to in-house endpoint screens or costly out-sourcing alternatives so you can focus your time and resources on developing your next breakthrough candidate.

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