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If you use fluorescence or bioluminescence in your work, switch to autobioluminescene to get the same results faster and easier.

More data. Easier to use.

LiveLight™ assay kits are a one tube solution to make your cells bioluminescent for up to a week or more. Track metabolic activity or toxicity continuously from the same sample without adding luciferin or requiring any interaction.

Finally, you can take a break while your assay works overtime. For custom solutions without the work, contact us to discuss development of a custom assay mix capable of tracking transcriptional activation or tissue specific expression for labeling cells within mixed populations.

Say goodbye to tedious qRT-PCR Experiments. Say hello to real-time transcriptional monitoring.

Tired of wasting your time setting up qRT-PCR experiments just to get a single snapshot of your transcriptional target? LiveReport™ assays bring transcription to life so you can observe the timing, magnitude, and duration of expression dynamics in real-time.

LiveReport™ assays allow cells to self-regulate bioluminescence in response to target promoter regulation so you’ll know exactly when transcription changes – without the guesswork of choosing qRT-PCR time points. If you have a target not covered by one of our kits, contact us to inquire about a custom LiveReport™ kit or stable reporter cell line.

Ready-to-use continuously bioluminescent cell lines let you order today and start assaying tomorrow.

LiveLight™ continuously bioluminescent cell lines integrate into existing protocols with minimal modifications. Simply substitute them in place of the traditional bioluminescent or fluorescent cell you’re using now and begin assaying without worrying about when to excite or monitor. Each cell continuously produces a bioluminescent signal proportional to its real-time metabolic activity level, providing unparalleled resolution on cellular response.

Autobioluminescent toxicity, estrogenicity, and androgenicity testing in a robust yeast-based system for industrial applications.

These yeast-based bioreporters use autobioluminescence to assay estrogenic and/or androgenic activity in environmental samples at speeds and sensitivities unmatched by current cell-based assays. This format is ideal for accessing the endocrine disruption potential of pesticides, plasticizers, synthetic hormones, and naturally occurring chemicals.

Specific autobioluminescent yeast strains for your unique application.

When you need to assay specifically for toxicity, estrogenicity, or androgenicity and need a robust, BSL1-level solution, an autobioluminescent yeast strain is your answer. These strains use the same autobioluminescent technology as our human cell lines, so you can be assured they will deliver the data you need without requiring human cell culture facilities.

We are constantly engineering new continuously bioluminescent cell lines.

We can modify your existing cell lines to express continuous bioluminescence and return them to your laboratory for in-house testing at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining an existing, substrate-requiring cell line. Need a custom assay for tracking gene expression? We can provide a one tube solution that works with any cell type.

490 BioTech is proud to serve as the industry’s premier provider of continuous, real-time, bioluminescent metabolic activity tracking assays. 

These assays, which continuously and non-invasively track metabolic dynamics over prolonged exposure periods to identify the metabolic and cytotoxic effects of compounds both pre- and post-metabolism, are ideally suited to rapidly and cost-effectively position novel compound candidates for down-pipeline success. Contact us today to learn how our real-time bioluminescent monitoring approach can provide you with the pre-clinical development data you need to make more informed candidate selection decisions. Our approach provides an inexpensive alternative to in-house endpoint screens or costly out-sourcing alternatives so you can focus your time and resources on developing your next breakthrough candidate.

Autobioluminescence provides you with…

  • Decreased costs
    There’s no need to purchase a separate luciferin
  • Increased imaging flexibility
    You can image on your own schedule
  • Easy integration into automated systems
    No treatment is required prior to light production
  • Image the same samples repeatedly
    No cellular destruction is required
  • Reduced hands-on time
    Simply plate and image–no additional steps required