LiveReport™ NFkB Assay Kit
10 μL Sample Kit

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LiveReport™ NFkB Assay Kit
10 μL Sample Kit

  • 10 μL free sample*
  • Simple transfect → incubate → read assay format
  • Real-time NFkB modulation dynamics represented by corresponding change in harmless light output
  • No activating luciferin or fluorescent excitation signal needed

The LiveReport™ NFkB assay kit is a non-destructive solution for tracking Nuclear Factor-kB (NFkB) modulation in real-time.

Using the LiveReport™ NFkB kit you can assay host cell NFkB modulation continuously or repeatedly without perturbing the cells under study.

Cells treated with the LiveReport™ NFkB assay kit continuously and automatically adjust their bioluminescent intensity to reflect real-time NFkB modulation dynamics without any external stimulation required, providing a live stream of response data.

The 10 μL LiveReport™ NFkB assay kit is sufficient to perform 10 reactions in the 96-well format or 40 reactions in the 384-well format.

*New customers only. Limit one (1) per customer. While supplies last.


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