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LiveLight™ Toxicity Assay
1,000 μL Kit

490 Biotech > Products

LiveLight™ Toxicity Assay
1,000 μL Kit

490 BioTech’s LiveLight™ toxicity assay provides a ready-to-transfect mixture that contains everything needed to convert cells to continuous light output for up to one week or more.

Bioluminescent signal intensity autonomously self-modulates to reflect real-time metabolic activity dynamics, providing a live stream of cellular health data.

Simply transfect cells using any standard method, allow 24-48 hours for reagent uptake and expression, and assay light output repeatedly or continuously. It’s that easy!

The 1,000 μL LiveLight™ toxicity assay kit is sufficient to perform 1,000 reactions in the 96-well format or 4,000 reactions in the 384-well format.