Funakoshi Co., Ltd. joins our distributor network

490 BioTech

490 BioTech is proud to announce that Funakoshi Co., Ltd. has joined our distributor network to serve our research clientele in Japan.

About Funakoshi:

The history of Life Science in Funakoshi dates back 50 years. The business took off when Ryusuke Funakoshi, the current president, focused on crystalline cellulose “Avicel SF” for thin layer chromatography, which allows easy analysis of chemical substances. The food dye detection kit using Avicel SF was sold by Funakoshi almost at the same time. At that time, food additives had become a social problem, and products that could be easily inspected were in the spotlight of various fields and received high praise.

These two events were the origin of Funakoshi, and were the first steps we made as a pioneer in Japan. Since then, Funakoshi has played an important role in introducing cutting-edge biotechnology and overseas information to Japan, making full use of years as a pharmaceutical trading company, including pharmaceutical industry, fermentation, food industry, agriculture and livestock.

These experiences help the company to fly further, have established a laboratory in-house, and are actively working on joint research and new product development in partnership with universities and corporate laboratories.