Autobioluminescence: Bioluminescence without luciferin

490 BioTech’s autobioluminescent technology produces light without requiring external activation. Choose from continuously luminescent human cell models, assay kits that report cellular health or transcriptional response in real-time for up to one week, yeast-based environmental sensor kits, or custom solutions that allow you to get more information with less cost and effort than ever before.

Cardiomyocytes tested with 490 BioTech’s LiveLight™ Toxicity Assay Kit continuously reporting changes in metabolic activity over a 40-hour period. The easily identified autobioluminescent signal reveals when effects occur, how long they last, and if they are permanent. Non-destructive autobioluminescence allows the 5 samples in this example to replace 12,000 samples using older luciferin-requiring bioluminescent technologies.

A New & Bright Idea

490 BioTech’s autobioluminescent technologies continuously report on biological events or interactions that affect metabolic status.

Incorporation of these technologies into cell culture and small animal preclinical efficacy/toxicity testing models accelerates the pace of new drug discovery and moves drugs more rapidly and effectively towards Phase I human testing with a reduced overall cost.

in vitro Imaging

Autobioluminescence is ideal for high throughput applications where using luciferin-requiring reporters would be cost-prohibitive or where sample destruction would prevent repetitive data acquisition.

in vivo Imaging

Keep your animals and your IACUC happy. Switch to continuously bioluminescent cells to perform small animal studies without the repeated needle sticks required by luciferin induced systems.